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We Are the Mid-Atlantic Region’s Most Reliable Industrial Salt & Road Salt Supplier

We provide the highest quality bulk deicing salt. We also supply industrial salt for various uses. Our representatives strive to provide you with the best service. For questions about our products, contact us at 724-287-0770 or send us an email.

Bulk Road Salt Supplier

Standard Bulk Road Salt

Other Common Names:

Bulk Ice Control Salt, Road Salt, Highway Salt, Rock Salt and Sodium Chloride.

Our bulk road salt is the most efficient and cost effective way to eliminate snow and ice on roads, parking lots and other large surfaces. MAS deicing salt meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification D632-12 and is treated with yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) as an anti-caking agent.

MAS rock salt is supplied in 23-25 ton truckloads. Our customers have the choice of delivery or pickup from one of our conveniently located terminals. Quotes are priced by the ton. All customers should have the capability of receiving 23-25 tons of Bulk Ice Control Salt. Make us your road salt distributor of choice if you are looking to stock up on your supply of bulk salt for the winter.

Enhanced Deicing Salt - Sweet Mix

Enhanced Deicing Salt

Sweet Mix - Sweeter Than Magic!

Sweet Mix is an environmentally friendly blend of our bulk deicing salt and a 'sweet' liquid blending agent. Our blending process completely coats each salt crystal with liquid, increasing stickiness and reducing bounce and scatter. Studies have shown that using wet rather than dry salt can reduce the percentage of salt that bounces off-road during spreading from 32% down to just 4%, or 2% on each side of the road. Pre-wet road salt works immediately, whereas dry salt must first become wet to begin working. Overall, salt applications are reduced by 30% to 50% due to the residual effect of Sweet Mix.

Sweet Mix Enhanced Blended Salt is completely non-corrosive. The 'sweet' blending agent is completely biodegradable. It will not damage or stain steel equipment, carpets, flooring or concrete, and releases fewer chlorides into the environment than conventional sodium chloride or calcium chloride. Sweet Mix is safe around vegetation, people, and equipment.

Sweet Mix works down to -35ºF. Standard Deicing Salt is only effective down to 18ºF. This is a net 53-degree gain in working temperature.

Our customers should have the capability of receiving 23-25 tons of Sweet Mix.

Industrial Salt Products

Industrial Salt

Other Common Names:

Louisana Rock Salt, Salt for Brine, Solar Salt, Water Softener Salt

Industrial salt is used to make a salt-water brine that softens water. Some of the industries that require soft water include: adhesive and aluminum manufacturers, atomic energy, electric power plants, cotton, paper and steel mills, dairies, distilleries, fisheries, glass factories, hospitals, foundries, municipal water works, petroleum companies, tanneries, and chemical and textile plants.

We offer Louisiana Rock Salt due to its purity. Louisiana Rock Salt is the most economical way to make salt-water brine. Our water softener salt meets these standards: AWWA B200-07 (American Water Works Association) and ASTM E534-13 (The American Society for Testing and Materials). Learn more about our water softener salt.

MAS generally loads bulk industrial salt into pneumatic trucks, with each load weighing 23-25 tons. This salt is then blown into customers’ salt dissolver or brine tank. We also sell bulk industrial salt by the dump truck load, with each load weighing 23-25 tons. This salt is unloaded into a receiving in-ground brine tank.

Bulk Road Salt Supplier
Make Mid-Atlantic Salt Your Bulk Road Salt Supplier!

Whether you need one truckload or more, Mid-Atlantic Salt is here to provide our personalized service and individualized logistics for your bulk road salt needs. We have been supplying the Mid-Atlantic region with deicing salt and water conditioning salt for over 20 years.

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