Mid Atlantic Salt Plow

Providing Bulk Water Softener Salt throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region

We offer dependable on-site delivery of your bulk deicing and industrial salt to most DC, DE, MD, NJ, OH, PA, VA and WV locations. Our salt can also be picked up from one of our conveniently located terminals.

We Supply Bulk Industrial Salt, Water Conditioning Salt and Solar Salt for Various Uses

At Mid-Atlantic Salt (MAS), we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are supplied and prepared. As a bulk salt wholesaler, we understand that our customers are not always the end users of our products; therefore, we take care of our customers so that they can take care of theirs. We offer competitve prices and we would be happy to provide you with a bulk salt quote.

Water Softener Salt

We deliver consistent and effective bulk industrial salt solutions for water softening, also known as water conditioning. Industrial uses generally require untreated sodium chloride. Whether you are looking for bulk solar salt or bulk mined salt, contact us and we can help find the product that you need.

We offer Louisiana Rock Salt for water conditioning due to its purity and affordability. It is a mined rock salt. We keep it in stock year-round, and it is the most economical way to make a water softening brine. We offer LA rock salt in coarse and medium sizes. If you require solar salt, please send us your specifications and we will provide a competitive quotation.

Our solar salt and mined rock salt are delivered by dump trailer or pneumatic truck. Please specify your delivery needs when requesting a quote. All of our water softener salt meets the following standards: AWWA B200-07 (American Water Works Association), for softening municipal and industrial water supplies, and nitrate removal of municipal and industrial supplies, using ASTM (The American Society for Testing and Materials) procedures E534-13 and D632-12.

Bulk Deicing Salt

We supply only the finest quality bulk deicing and treated road salt, also known as Sweet Mix. Our bulk road salt meets the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) specifications. We are committed to keeping your surface areas safe by ensuring that they are clear of ice and snow. Whether your concerns are economic or environmental, we have options for you.

Personal Service

Our attention to detail is second to none! We provide a level of personal service that you will not find anywhere else. Our fully trained customer service representatives are equipped to answer all your questions and process your order with a keen attention to your specific industrial salt needs. We will work around the clock to make sure you get the salt you need as soon as possible by providing prompt and convenient deliveries to ensure your complete satisfaction. Visit our contact page to see how easy MAS makes your salt purchasing experience.

Our Story

In the Winter of 1994, the snow and ice were relentless in the Northeastern US. By the end of January, the City of Philadelphia had exhausted its supply of salt for the winter season, and more snow was in the forecast. Through a combination of persistence and logistical know-how, the eventual founder of Mid-Atlantic Salt assembled a convoy of trucks to bring much needed salt from Upstate New York to the City of Philadelphia. Mid-Atlantic Salt has grown consistently since then, and now operates four salt terminals throughout the region: in Camden, New Jersey; Wilmington, Delaware; Baltimore, Maryland; and Chester, West Virginia. We offer a variety of products to fulfill your salt needs, including industrial salt, bulk deicing salt, and a proprietary blended deicing salt called Sweet Mix.

Mid-Atlantic Salt supplies businesses, municipalities, townships and states. Our service area covers the Mid-Atlantic region from Pennsylvania to North Carolina and as far West as Ohio.

We Are the Mid-Atlantic Region’s Leading Industrial Salt Supplier

Please call us at 724-287-0770 with any questions about our products or for a competitive quote. You can also use our quick and convenient quote form by clicking the link below. It only takes a few minutes to complete!

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