Wholesale Rock Salt Snow Plow

We Are the Mid-Atlantic Region’s Leading Bulk Rock Salt Supplier

Mid-Atlantic Salt provides personalized service and individualized logistics for your bulk salt needs. We have been supplying businesses and municipalities with industrial and deicing salt for over 20 years.

Bulk Rock Salt Supplier

Let Our Professional Staff Handle Your Wholesale Rock Salt Needs

Bulk road salt, rock salt, or sodium chloride is the most commonly used and economically effective deicer for highways, roads, parking lots and driveways. Salt lowers the freezing point of water down to approximately 18°F. Our product is treated with an anti-caking agent to ensure an even application.

Enhanced Road Salt - Sweet Mix

Get More Done Using Less with Our Extra Strength Rock Salt

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your snow and ice removal, or you need a deicer that can handle lower temperatures than Bulk Ice Control Salt, try our Sweet Mix. Sweet Mix is a proprietary, extra strength, non-corrosive blend that deices at temperatures down to -35ºF.

Water Softener Salt Supplier

Bulk Rock Salt for Manufacturing and Water Softening

Industrial salt has many purposes. It can be used as a raw material or preservative. It aids in maintaining efficiency in manufacturing by reducing mineral buildup in pipes. It also softens hard water and improves the taste, separation or rinsability of end products. We offer industrial salt in two sizes: coarse and medium.

Bulk Salt Supplier offering Delivery and Pickup services

We Offer Pickup & Delivery across the Mid-Atlantic Region

We deliver our deicing and water conditioning salt to customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington D.C. Our products can also be picked up at any of our four terminals: located in Camden, New Jersey; Wilmington, Delaware; Baltimore, Maryland; and Chester, West Virginia.

The Mid-Atlantic Region's Most Reliable Bulk Rock Salt Supplier

We have been supplying the Mid-Atlantic region with deicing and water conditioning products since 1994. We provide high quality products to our customers in a timely manner, with excellent customer service and competitive prices.

Standard Deicing Salt

Rock salt, is the most widely available and economical product for keeping roads, parking lots and driveways clear and safe throughout the winter season. Our bulk rock salt is treated with an anti-caking agent to ensure an even application. All of our deicing salts meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specifications. We deliver our products in 23-25 ton truckloads. Get more information about our bulk road salt.

Extra Strength Road Salt

Are you concerned about the environmental impact of your snow and ice removal? Want to protect your concrete, equipment, shrubs and grass from staining, corrosion and destruction? If you want to be ready for the next Arctic Blast, Polar Vortex, or whatever winter throws your way, then try our Sweet Mix: a proprietary extra strength pre-wet blend. The Sweet Mix blending agent is completely biodegradable. With less bounce and scatter, as well as more precise and longer-lasting sticking power, salt applications are reduced by 30% to 50%. Less is actually more, in terms of money, time, and labor. It also helps prevent black ice due to its residual stickiness. Sweet Mix causes less harm to trees, shrubs, machinery, carpets, metals and wildlife than conventional deicing products. It works at temperatures as low as -35ºF, whereas standard deicing salt is only effective down to 18ºF. Make sure you are ready for the next cold front. Learn more about our enhanced deicing salt.

Water Softener

In addition to our bulk rock salt products, we also sell industrial salt. Whether you want to soften hard water for municipal or manufacturing use, we have water conditioning salt to make your hard water problem disappear. Our water softener salt is untreated sodium chloride. We offer Louisiana Rock Salt due to its purity and affordability. We keep it in stock year-round, and it is the most economical way to make a water softening brine. Check out more details about our water softening salt.

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