Bulk Ice Control Salt

Standard Bulk Deicing Salt

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Other Common Names:

Road Salt, Highway Salt, Rock Salt and Sodium Chloride.

The most efficient and cost effective way to eliminate snow and ice on roads and other large surfaces.

MAS deicing salt meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification D632 and is treated with yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) as an anti-caking agent.

MAS salt is sold in 23-25 ton truckloads. Our customers have the choice of pickup or delivery. Quotes are priced by the ton.

Our customers should have the capability of receiving 23-25 tons of Bulk Ice Control Salt.

Industrial Salt

Louisana Rock Salt

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Other Common Names:

Industrial Salt, Salt for Brine, Water Conditioning Salt

Industrial salt is used to make a salt-water brine to soften water. Some of the industries that require soft water include: adhesive and aluminum manufacturers, atomic energy, electric power plants, cotton, paper and steel mills, dairies, distilleries, fisheries, glass factories, hospitals, laundries, municipal water works, petroleum companies, tanneries, chemical and textile plants.

We offer Louisiana Rock Salt due to its purity. Louisiana Rock Salt is the most economical way to make salt-water brine.

MAS generally loads bulk industrial salt into pneumatic trucks, with each load weighing 23-25 tons. This salt is then blown into customers’ salt dissolver or brine tank. We also sell bulk industrial salt by the dump truck load, with each load weighing 23-25 tons. This salt is unloaded into a receiving in-ground brine tank.

Sweet Mix

Enhanced Deicing Salt

Sweet Mix Image

Sweeter Than Magic!

Sweet Mix is our enhanced blended deicing salt with many advantages over standard deicing salt. It has a significantly lower working temperature, faster and extended melting power, is non-corrosive and environmentally friendly, making it a superior snow and ice removal product.

Sweet Mix is a blend of our high quality deicing salt and a special liquid agent. Our blending process ensures that each crystal is completely coated for consistent spreading and performance. Since Sweet Mix contains some liquid, the crystals stick to the road and begin working faster than dry salt, which has to become wet for it to begin working. Sweet mix’s residual effect ensures that snow and ice do not bond to the pavement and black ice is virtually eliminated.

Sweet Mix is a highly effective deicing salt that is non-toxic, biodegradable and has a corrosion index lower than that of distilled water. It is safe to use on concrete, is non-corrosive to metals, does not harm vegetation, skin, or leather, and it still melts ice at as low as -35ºF. This premium salt is environmentally friendly and economically superior.

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